The best bike hire & tours in Melbourne Australia

The best bike hire and tours in Melbourne Australia




Imagine jetting off to Paris, Rome, Berlin, Tokyo or Barcelona with your foreign language classmates and riding around those wonderful cities, being totally immersed in the culture and language.

Well... now you can have that same experience right here in Melbourne without spending thousands of dollars on airfares and accommodation on the other side of the world.

We will give you a total language immersion experience in your own home town. 

You'll be greeted by a native-speaker at Rentabike bike hire shop, on the riverbank level at Federation Square.

They will introduce themselves, ask you to introduce yourself, then set you up with a bike and helmet... speaking only your chosen language.

Then you'll head off on a journey of discovery around Melbourne... speaking only that language.

We can customise the experience to suit your needs and budget... from two hours of language immersion and riding, to a full four-hour city tour including culturally appropriate lunch. 

Call Murray Johnson to organise your language immersion experience today.

0417 339 203.


Rentabike and Real Melbourne Bike Tours owner Murray Johnson learnt French as a beginner at Melbourne University in the 1980s and has been speaking it ever since. He is also studying Italian and Spanish... so he understands the challenges of learning a language in Australia and wanted to do something to encourage Aussies to learn a second language... and to make it fun.